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Andrea Lord
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Rachel Lord RN, CMT
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August 2009

  Use of Color in Everyday Life

Color is light: Let us be filled with light.

The Color of  the Midnight Sky

Midnight Blue

“Indigo, Indi-Going, Indi-Bliss”

  • Indigo is the sixth color of the spectrum,  the 6th stripe of the rainbow and the sixth Chakra color. When considering indigo and how it affects us, know that color influences emotions, relationships, our environment.
  • Since we can utilize color so easily, it truly becomes the NUMBER ONE KIND OF PRACTICAL MAGIC we can use in our everyday lives.

Indigo Mandala


  • Self-Mastery and Spiritual Realization: Indigo comes from a mystical place.  Blue is communication turned outward; Indigo is communication from within
  • Out of the Blue: When an idea comes fast and from seemingly nowhere, its from the 6th indigo chakra.  It provides inspiration and profound insights.  That is intuition!
  • Symbolic Meanings of Indigo:  Royalty, wealth, power, importance. 
  • Biblical Meaning of Indigo: Symbolizes heavenly grace.  Often the Virgin Mary is shown wearing indigo clothing.


Blue Star SapphireAzuriteindigo stones

Sapphire Azurite Indigo

Stones and crystals carry energy, particularly the energy and frequency of their color.

In General: Indigo gemstones open the door to the subconscious, symbolizing the bridge between the finite and infinite. They are used as a guide to cosmic knowledge. Any work with the 6th Chakra benefits from the consciousness-expanding indigo.

6th Chakra Symbol


Third Eye, Place of Intuition
  • Sixth Chakra:  “I See” The third eye is located between the eyebrows; its color is indigo.  This is where our other senses reside- beyond the usual five.
  • The “Extra” Senses:  The indigo 6th Chakra is the place of intuition, clairvoyance, ESP, psychic and mystical types of seeing.  We are all born with varying degrees of these types of skills, but may have “forgotten” how to use them.
  • Physical Body:  If our 6th Chakra is blocked problems can manifest on the physical level. Ailments such as headaches, seizures, tumors, eye problems, ear problems, Bell’s palsy could occur.

Indigo Flower


  • Indigo or Dark Blue: (and sometimes black) is the color for the Kidney-Bladder paired meridians. The Kidney channel is Yin and the Urinary Bladder is Yang.
  • The Kidneys: Associated with water balance and the life cycle from birth to death, including life transitions and aging. The Kidney “Jing” is the life force.
  •  Kidneys “Open Up” to the Ears:  Hearing problems are therefore Kidney-related.
  • Emotionally:  The kidneys deal with fear or courage.  
  • Physically:  Blocked kidney qi is related to lower back, kidney and reproductive and endocrine problems, especially for women. This includes PMS, menopause and pregnancy.
  • Attribute:  Vitality.


Indigo Plant
True Indigo

  • The Sumptuary Laws in Elizabethan England: Determined who could wear which color and which fabric or material.  The color one wore determined information about a person’s status, social standing and wealth.
  • Indigo was a color of Royalty, Nobility and Council Members only: This was because the dye from the Indigo plant (Indigofera tinctura) was imported from India and very expensive.  It was a deep, rich blue and also color-fast, a rare quality back then.
  • Manufactured by: A process of fermentation, filtering and finally drying into cakes of dye.



Woad, The Imposter

  • Another Indigo Blue Dye: Made from a plentiful and cheap plant called Woad (Isatis tincoria).  It was the indigo for commoners. Woad grows prolifically in England and the British Isles. It is a much  weaker dye than the sub-tropical indigo plant, although it contains the same blue-colored chemical.
  • Brave Heart: Remember him?  He and his warriors colored their faces with blue woad to look fierce, intimidate their enemies, gain courage and magical powers.
  • In Germany:  Here’s a round-about relationship. To be Blue” means to be drunk.  When we are drunk, we pee a lot.  Woad was mixed with urine to produce the dark blue color.
  • Nicholes Culpeper: Author of the “Complete Herbal” in the 1600’s says that woad  seeds, if chewed, turn the saliva blue.


Indigo Nova

  • Word Derives From: Mid 17th Century:  From the blue powder of the plant Indigo fera.
  • The Ancient World:  Indigo dye was known to the ancients of Asia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Peru.
  • Egyptians:  Dyed mummy cases with indigo, as well as their garments.


Blue Jeans

  • Blue Jeans:  An American symbol, these indigo pants were originally  worn by sailors and California gold miners as sturdy work pants-- a far cry from the royal connotations the color had in England.
  • The Dye: Cotton denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye, although now-a-days a synthetic dye is used for the same purpose.
  • Why Jeans Fade:   Blue jean manufacturers imported real indigo dye  from India until the twentieth century.  Now  the denim is dyed with chemically synthesized indigo before being woven. The dye covers the yarn in layers. This is why jeans fade slightly with each washing.
  • Secret Formula:  Although the exact chemicals used in the dying procedures today remain trade secrets, it is known that a small amount of sulfur is often used to stabilize the top or bottom layers of indigo dye.


blue heart

  • Meditate with Indigo:  Try a midnight blue candle, an indigo cape, a darkened room.  Better yet, meditate at midnight. Experience the difference between that and perhaps meditating in a bright yellow daylight atmosphere.
  • Use Indigo in General to:  Focus on personal issues and viewing problems in a new way, developing intuition, solitude and inner communication.
  • Practice Developing Intuition with a Pendulum:  A pendulum is a tool that helps you get in touch with your higher self and innate wisdom.  That is your intuition.  By interpreting its swing, you can get answers to yes-no questions.  The more you practice with it and allow the pendulum to take its course, the truer the answer will be.



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