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Andrea Lord
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January 2009

From a Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Cultural Perspective

(Reflections on the Past, Letting Go, Releasing, Turning over a new leaf, Change, Resolutions, Intentions, 

Arch of stars

The arc of new beginnings, both spiritual and cultural, resides in the winter night.

calendar circle

WE HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE.  Thanksgiving: We gave thanks as we sifted out the good in our lives.  Winter Solstice: Our window of opportunity.  As Mother Earth shifted from the longest, darkest night, we emerged into the light with opportunity for change.  Christmas, Hanukkah, Quanzaa: We celebrated religious and cultural end-of-year celebrations.  And now New Years Day from the western calendar January 1st and the Chinese New Year of the Ox, January 26th.


Physically: We live in the physical world.  Our health  and environment are important.  This is an obvious place to start.  (More people go to the gym in January that any other time.)  Loosing weight, improving diet, cleaning rooms, closets all make sense.  As we sweep out the old, we clean our minds and make space to meditate on other levels of change.

Emotionally: Here we can get a grip on our feelings.  Examine, evaluate where we come from emotionally (3rd Chakra) and the difference between this and the spiritual (6th and 7th Chakra.)  Sorting this out is an interesting project. Maybe a commitment or resolution to change fits in this category.  Instead of saying “I will be less angry”, say “I flow with my feelings.”

Spiritually:  These resolutions are higher level intentions, intended to make headway towards spiritual development or growth. They nurture our spirit. These are expressed in a positive way (intention) so that our subconscious only hears the message you want to convey.  These are stated in present tense, no negatives.  Example: Instead of  saying “I will banish all negative people from my life,.” You could say “ I attract positive people at all times.”

Celestial arch

 ELEVEN:   2 + 9 = 11

Balance of male and female, work and play, joy and sorrow, sun and moon.  What a wonderful thing it will be to find balance and harmony this year!

 That is huge.

January 26, 2009   New Beginnings

(Also a solar eclipse and new moon!  Heavy. )


The Chinese calendar has an animal representing each year of a 12 year cycle before it begins all over again. The Ox is the second sign of the Chinese Zodiac.  (Rat, last year, was the first. Rat leads the way; Ox follows.)
Like its predecessor and complement Rat, Ox signifies new beginnings.   In Chinese astrology, the main difference between them is that Ox is associated with building to last.  The action is slow but sure. “So even more so than last year we all have to make good choices.  What is begun now is likely to have long term consequences. “
Here’s something hopeful: “The year 2009 will be a period of lasting accomplishments. This is true for individuals, societies and the human race in general. There may be times when motivation appears to be lacking. In fact the big challenge everyone faces is to generate the enthusiasm and desire to act. Those individuals and organizations that do so will create enduring benefits for themselves and the world. “




Make a New Year Intention Collage.   Bring  out your inner arts and crafter and take this to a higher level.  The idea is to cut out pictures of all the things you want to "manifest" in your life, glue it together and hang the finished product somewhere that you'll see it often. Repeat viewings will prompt, push, and magically create conditions for your desires to happen.

  • Make an Intention- Determine two or three primary goals for the new year
  • Collect old pictures, calendars, magazines, words, photographs that represent your intention.
  • Cut, paste, glue your intentions onto a poster board or large paper.  Be artful and creative.  Be kind to yourself.  This is not going in an art gallery.
  • Meditate on your intention as you cut and paste.  Play inspiring music.
  • Hang collage in prominent place.
  • Allow the magic to begin.
Another idea is to gather close friends and turn this into a group activity!  What a powerful and meaningful way to use group energy to celebrate new beginnings!


dawn of new year



Our January Newsletter is adapted from the following resources:



Circling: Creating Abundance Through Generosity

Join In Ceremony with Drums and Rattles! If you have one, bring it.

Connect With Other Wise Women

We all want abundance in our lives.  How does this happen?
We believe that what goes around comes around. 
By joining together with other women in safety and ceremony we will explore the levels of generosity and see how this connects to abundance.

  • You will leave with practical magical tools to help you have what you need.
  • Circling has been a natural way for women to gather since the beginning. It creates a safe space to congregate for confidences, support, ceremony and tradition.
  • We have been circling for over 20 years and love connecting with other women.
  • We find that the group energy and sisterhood created together is very empowering and useful as we go about our daily lives.

When: Sunday January 25, 2009  from 1-4 pm    

Where: Isis Books and Gifts
2775 S. Broadway, Englewood CO.

To Sign Up: Call A Women’s Circle: 720-530-2834 or Isis: 303-321-0867
or email

Cost: Only $15


There will be Women’s Activities and Circles throughout the year.  Stay posted.
If you have stories, information and would like to share bits of your journey with us,
we want to hear from you. If you get an idea send it out to