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Andrea Lord
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Rachel Lord RN, CMT, MH
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June 2010

Triple Goddess

We Continue our Symbol Series…

The Symbol of the CIRCLE

The CIRCLE is probably the most ancient symbol there is.  It is sacred, simple, yet complex.  We see it throughout  antiquity and in modern society.  So let’s see what this simple shape is all about…AND, as a companion to the Circle, we’ll check out the SPIRAL.

Earth Circle


  • The  Circle is Infinite:  Has no beginning and no end.  Unbroken.
  • The Circle is Universal: Represents totality, wholeness, the infinite, original perfection.
  • The Circle is Cyclic:  Cyclic movement, timeless, the self and the infinite.
  • The  Circle has Movement: Takes you on a journey as one progresses around it.
  • The Circle is How We Gather:  A sacred space. We naturally gather in circles.  Children play circle games; women and men  sit in circle, have council, circle around a hearth, a fire.
  • The Circle is Inclusive: No one is left out; everyone is in.  No one’s view is blocked.
    Feminine Spirit: The Goddess, female power
  • The Sacred Hoop: Native American way of speaking of the “All”.
  • Gnostic Tradition: The unbroken circle is the “World Serpent”, forming a circle as it eats its own tail.


The Ultimate Mystery, the Incomprehensible Absolute”

  • Zero: In our system of numbering, it is nothing.
  • Non-Existence:  The unlimited, the absence of all, without quantity or quality, the Perfect Form.
  • Potential: An embryo. Can be anything.
  • Yin-Yang: This profound and ancient Chinese circular symbol contains all there is in it’s various relationships and forms.  The masculine- feminine; the active- passive; the hot- the cold; the summer and winter; the day and night—and on and on. 

Wire circle


  • Cyclic and Moving: Earth’s journey around the sun, the circle of the Zodiac, the rhythm of the universe.
  • The Wheel: A moving circle.  A wheel’s spokes parallel the rays of the sun.  Car wheels, the Medicine Wheel, the Wheel of Life and/or Wheel of  Fortune in the Tarot.
  • Taoist tradition:  The wheel is the Sage who has reached the point of motionless center, around which movement may occur without himself being moved.

Pink Flower


  • Eye Symbology originated in Ancient Egypt and maybe before
  • The Ultimate State of Oneness;  We are all One; We are all related, connected.
  • Carl Jung: Considered the Circle a state of man’s perfection.  This was the antithesis of the square (lowest state of man who has not achieved inner perfection).  An octagon was somewhere in between.
  • One is the Loneliest Number”-- According to the Beatles...

    Rings Circle of beads Rosary Tibetan Prayer wheel Darma wheel


  • A Ring: Infinite and eternal, divinity and life.  Sacred in marriage, unending and binding (as with husband and wife). A spiritual union with the Church.  In sovereignty, represents strength and the power of the King.
  • To Give a Ring: Is to transfer or bestow power.
  • Beads: The circle of continuity; individual spheres joined together as in a necklace; no beginning or end.
  • Rosaries and Prayer Beads: A sacred necklace of beads with symbolism and meaning.  An object of meditation and contemplation
  • Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheels: Used to  spread spiritual messages, well being and evoke the embodiment of compassion.   Many, many copies of thin paper with the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” are wound around an axle in a protective container and spun around and around.
  • Wheel of Dharma: Buddhist wheel of life and reincarnation.  


The Circumpunct; A Circle with a Central Dot

  • Hindu: The “Bindu” or dot is the Male force and the circle is the Female. Together they are the merging of the male and female forces.
  • The Sun: And the Egyptian sun god “Ra”.
  • Alchemy: Symbol for Gold
  • Freemason: Emotional restraint
  • Astrology: The creative spark of divine consciousness within people that links us to the universal creative mind.

Medine wheel
The Quartered Circle

  • The Medicine Wheel:  A Circle filled with a cross, four equal lines pointing from the center to the spirits of the 4 directions or the 4 elements of earth, water, wind and fire. A sacred space that encompasses all there is and life’s journey.
  • Pagan Symbol: To transmit the energy of the Goddess.
  • Christian Version: The Celtic Cross

Circle Equinox

The Four Elements

  • Wiccan: Earth and Water are the passive, feminine.  Wind (air) and Fire are the active, masculine.  (Air or the  circle with the dot, is the symbol for gold in Alchemy.)



  • A Circle: Infinite, no beginning, no end. A circle is unbroken. It  takes you on a journey.  We can progress around it and see different perspectives as we go.
  • A Spiral:  A broken circle. Has a beginning and an end—sometimes.  BUT a spiral can also be infinite. It is 3 dimensional, has energy, has movement. We can spiral up or spiral down.   It can lead to other levels of consciousness.
  • Spirals in Nature: Tornadoes, cyclones, snail shells, a nautilus, the Milky Way, a finger print. It has a Sacred Geometry and is naturally pleasing.
  • Symbolically a Spiral Is: An ancient symbol of The Goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent force, continual change and the evolution of the Universe.
  • A Double Spiral:  Unity of opposites. Linked to a blend of evolution and devolution. Decay-renewal, life-death-rebirth, spiritual-physical, back and forth flow of earthly and cosmic changes.  Like Yin and Yang.

Double Spiral


Experience the Energy of the Circle

  • Sit in Circle:  Create a Sacred Circular Space either in your imagination, with salt, cornmeal or drawn in the sand.  Sit within and meditate.
  • Experience the Power of the Circle:  Experiment with seating arrangements.  See what it feels like to sit in a circle, versus on a row of chairs with a speaker up front.  What does sitting in a square feel like? Play with the shapes. Feel how it changes group energy and dynamics.

circle of hands


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Circles, Spirals and Labyrinths

Sunday July 11, 2010

1 pm - 4:30 pm


Connect With Other Wise Women

Join In Ceremony with Drums and Rattles!

  • Circles, Spirals and Labyrinths are ancient symbols that we all connect to.
  • We will explore these sacred shapes and experience their power.
  • These simple shapes bring one in contact with the universe and with ourselves. Come see how.
  • The circle has been a natural way for women to gather since the beginning.
  • BRING: A drum or rattle if you can.  If not, we have extras.


Andrea Lord, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner
Rachel Lord, RN, CMT, Master Herbalist

Held At:
Old Hampden Holistic Center
3501 South Corona St., Suite 1
Englewood, CO 80113

(5 blocks east of Swedish Medical Center)

To Sign Up:

Phone:  A Women’s Circle at 720-530-2834



Expressing Yourself Through Numbers

Life has a way of nudging us along in one way or another, and this happens even if we would rather not be nudged.  It can be small things or  “major whack on the head” events that push us out of our comfort zones. Now, after years of being a student of numerology and astrology, I understand the cycles found in the wheels of life. We are being asked to “wake-up” to our life’s path and to step into the shoes found in our innate potentials.  However, at the time I walked into the world of numbers, my life was in one of those downward spirals, lost and seemingly swimming in a dark, dark sea. 

Books began to fall into my hands when visiting bookstores, e.g., The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell and Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, and when I read these books, the information was familiar, as if I had read them before.  Then, numbers began coming into view and consciousness.  When reading, I would see the word Numerology and thought “NO WAY”, as math was not my favorite subject. Then I met a numerologist at a local Physic Fair, dressed in a suit and looking quite proper---I signed up. In fifteen minutes she told me more about myself than I thought possible---even those who had known me didn’t know these things about me. Being a seeker to understand, a doorway had now  been opened to me. What I thought to be only “numbers” was really a pathway to finding myself.  These universal symbols (numbers) had nudged (drop-kicked) me to seek a new, yet ancient pathway.                 
When one is open to the beauty of numbers, the world around you opens up and you no longer see the world the same---for numbers and the Tree of Life are one and the same. Expressing Yourself Through Numbers is a workshop designed to open up the world of numbers (nothing like what we were taught in school). We will draw the Tree of Life (a symbol found around the globe), and place the numbers on this tree.  By using simple addition, we will find your Life Path (what you are here to learn), Expression (what are your innate talents), Heart’s Desire (what must be done for you to feed your soul), Outer Mask (what you project out onto others), your personal number year and master numbers.  We will also look at patterns that help us and those patterns that can hinder us when making decisions, as well as creating conflicts in relationships.

We are surrounded by numbers; we might as well add them up! 

Expressing Yourself Through Numbers Workshop            

Saturday, July 24, 2010                                                       
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.                                                           
Old Hampden Holistic Center                                            
3501 South Corona St. Suite #1
Englewood, CO. 80110
Investment  $35                                                                     0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Please contact or email   

Sharon Hoery                                             
(303) 683-5401   

There will be Women’s Activities and Circles throughout the year.  Stay posted.
If you have stories, information and would like to share bits of your journey with us, we want to hear from you. If you get an idea send it out to