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March 2009
  Use of Color in Everyday Life

Color is light: Let us be filled with light.

 Exciting, Sexy, Joyful


Red is the first color of the spectrum and the rainbow and also the first Chakra color.  It is the longest wavelength visible to human eyes.  (Animals see it all differently.)  When considering redness and how it  affects  us, know that color influences emotions, relationships, our environment.  Since we can  utilize color so easily, it truly becomes the NUMBER ONE KIND OF PRACTICAL MAGIC we can use in our everyday lives.  


Good Stuff on Red: A red letter day, the red carpet treatment or paint the town red.  All connote positive ideas.

Bad Stuff on Red: In the red-overdrawn at the bank, the state of our economy. A red herring (something that deceives or distracts attention from the truth).  People in red cars get more speeding tickets.  Red cars are more frequently stolen.

Dark Side:  Blood, guts and gore. War and violence.  The English army wore red uniforms. Enough said.

Love and Passion: Red is hot and strong and passionate. Red hearts, red roses, red cupids are all love symbols .  A red dress sends a “look at me” message.  A “red light district” is love for sale.  Red cheeks, red lips, a sign of beauty.

Anger:  Seeing red.   Red in the face. Turn red from embarrassment.

The Elementals: Fire, heat, strength and light.  All needed to stay alive in the physical world.

Power Color: A woman wearing a red suit in the business world communicates power, control, courage, speaking up.  If you don’t want to be noticed,  hide in black.  In the catholic church, Cardinals wear red. Is that where they got their name?

Energy and Vitality: Red actually raises heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.  It represents energy, strength and vigor. It’s a take-action color, used in advertising for this reason.

Health: In color therapy red is used to balance the first Chakra.  This is the root Chakra, the place that grounds us to the earth and helps with survival issues.

Danger:  Red flashing lights, red flags on boards sticking out from trucks, stop signs.  These all say watch out; be careful or emergency.  Also a “red flag” is a sign or a warning or a caution. 

chinese flag


China: Red portends good luck, prosperity, wealth.  It is the color used in the Chinese New Year, a most important holiday. 
The Bride Wore Red:   Red denotes purity, joy and celebration. In Greece, Albania and Armenia brides wear red veils.  Neighbors bring red eggs (a sign of fertility) after a child is born. In China brides wear red gowns and are carried to the ceremony in a red litter.
Russia: A red flag was used by the Bolsheviks when they overthrew the Tsar.  Today red is associated with communism.
South Africa:  Red is the color of mourning.



A red candle could be used on an altar or in a ceremony to denote vitality, energy, luck, abundance, courage or passion.  So too, a red cloth or feather.  Red could also convey blood or fertility.  Menstrual blood is sacred in many societies and a sign of the power of women.

Using Color to Create a Mood/ Emotions:  Color is often a key factor in décor and decorating.  Colors have traditionally been associated with emotions and  mood. “Hot red” conveys a sense of excitement, passion, vitality, notice me! “Cool blue” is calming and serene.  Choose a color to suit your mood or to change it. Consider which colors would be good for a party versus a meditation room, a bedroom.



PINK: Pretty in Pink. Pink is a wimpy form of red.  Little baby girls are dressed in pink.  It is soft, feminine, friendly. Hot pink is lot livelier. (Prisons use pink walls to create a calming environment.) 
MAROON: Stronger and more somber-but with the red quality.  Subdued, possibly menacing, but  still  red.

Red Alert


In War:  Many Neolithic and Germanic warriors painted their swords, axes and spears and their bodies red to give them power and protection in battle. 
Protection against the Evil Eye:  Rubies and garnets were used as charms.  In Germany red bed linens were used to protect against “red” illnesses such as rashes, fever and miscarriages.

Resources: Some of this Newsletter was adapted from:

Vernal Equinox March 20, 2009.
Happy Spring!

Translated literally, equinox means "equal night." Because the sun is positioned above the equator, day and night are about equal in length all over the world during the equinoxes.

Vernal Equinox
image courtesy of: www.sheilacordelliahicks.com/news.htm



Do You Need More Red in Your Life?  Wear it.  Explore what red feels like.  Try a scarf, a dress, a sweater.  How do you feel with it?  Does it influence how others react to you?  Does a red coat make you feel warmer or cozier than a blue one?  If you get a “cold”, does a red blanket make it better or worse?

Have a Red Party, Dinner, Moment:  Drink from a red glass or goblet, spread a red tablecloth or use red candles.  Get some red flowers. Put a red bulb in a lamp and try out the ambiance. 

Healing:    Use red to warm someone up or to give  them energy and strength.  Send the color from the universe through your hands to yourself or another. It works.


Connect With Others: "The Red Hat Society began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middle age with verve, humor and elan. We believe silliness is the comedy relief of life, and since we are all in it together, we might as well join red-gloved hands and go for the gusto together. Underneath the frivolity, we share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next."

Contact the Red Hat Society





Circling: Using Practical Magic to Create Your Sacred Space

What Grandma should have, could have taught you….

Connect With Other Wise Women.  Join In Ceremony with Drums and Rattles!  If you have one, bring it.

Your home is your sanctuary.  Make it peaceful, inviting, magical.

You don’t have to buy out a metaphysical store to create a sacred living space. 
We are talking practical-what you have around the house.

Use wise women’s wisdom plus your own intuition to alter your surroundings in a positive way.

Share kitchen magic, folklore, and cultural superstitions to see how they affect your life.

By joining together with other women in safety and ceremony we will explore how intention and common objects can change outcome.

  • You will leave with practical magical tools to help you have what you need.
  • Circling has been a natural way for women to gather since the beginning. It creates a safe space to congregate for confidences, support, ceremony and tradition.
  • We have been circling for over 20 years and love connecting with other women.
  • We find that the group energy and sisterhood created together is very empowering and useful as we go about our daily lives.

When: Sunday April 19, 2009  from 1-4 pm    

Where: Old Hampden Holistic Center
3501 South Corona St.,  Englewood, CO 80113

(5 blocks East of Swedish Medical Center-facing out on Old Hampden)

To Sign Up: Call A Women’s Circle: 720-530-2834
or email awomenscircle@yahoo.com

Cost: Only $15

There will be Women’s Activities and Circles throughout the year.  Stay posted.
If you have stories, information and would like to share bits of your journey with us,
we want to hear from you. If you get an idea send it out to awomenscircle@yahoo.com