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Andrea Lord
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MARCH 2010

Triple Goddess

Archetypes:  Going Within

We Continue our Archetype Series...  Last month we explored Feminine Archetypes: “The great Mystery-Who are you and why?”  We defined archetypes in general, why they are relevant and how they fit into the Divine Feminine. 

Now it is time to be a little more specific. We will go within to see how we are all part of this universal essence, how our individuality fits into the picture. 



  • We all have each one of the following qualities in us, probably more.
  • As our journey through life changes, so do our dominant archetypes.
  • These qualities are universal feminine qualities, roles or essences; not our “profession”
  • Nobody went to school to get a degree in these roles (although we could for some of them.) We came into this lifetime with an inner “knowing” or understanding of these qualities.  They are innate.


  • Triple Goddess:  * The  Maiden * The Mother * The Wise Woman *   This is the journey of life for Everywoman.  We are all transitioning somewhere within this triad.
  • Teacher: We are all teachers.  We teach  animals, children, ourselves, our  partners, friends, family
  • Nurse: All women are natural caregivers, to ourselves, family, planet, garden.
  • Sexual Being: Part of the Sacred Feminine is to procreate, express ourselves as sexual beings, to be part of The Creative.
  • Visionary:  We all have dreams of the future, how things could or should be, how we can change our lives for the better. Sometimes we use our intuition to see the future.
  • Spiritual  Priestess:  Every woman is connected to the Sacred Feminine though they may express it in different ways. In  the past women were the spiritual center in their home.  Some still are.
  • Home-Maker: We all nurture our nest, take care of the hearth, create a safe place to return home to.
  • Healer:  We are all capable of healing and fixings things, people, homes, situations. Any women who has touched a child or animal with love knows how to heal.

Mother Nature Tree


  • These are the qualities that define us as individuals.  These gifts  bring the huge archetypal ideas down a notch, so we can recognize these qualities in ourselves.
  • Cross-culturally Gods and Goddess have represented these gifts or knacks.  You might recognize one or more of them in yourself; they can change and flow throughout a lifetime.
  • Again, they represent elemental forces, creation stories, journey through life, main concepts that make us human and connect us to each other and our world.



Art/Inspiration/Dancing/Music/Poetry - Artist
Childbirth/Midwifery/Fertility –Midwife
Guardians/Protectors – Policewoman, Warrior
Healing/Health – Doctor,  Nurse
Humor/Fun/Pleasure/Joy - Comedian
Justice – Lawyer
Marriage/Love/Beauty – Beautician,
Sexuality – Exotic dancer

Counselor – Pastor

Mother Child Sculpture


The stories that pull our collective chains and push our buttons…
So much so that they often end up as movies.

the Secret Life of Bees
The Friday Night Knitting club
Garden Spells
Little Women
Ya Ya Sisterhood

TheSecret life of Bees
Sue Monk Kidd

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Kate Jacobs

Garden Spells
Sarah Addison Allen

Little Women
Louisa May Alcot

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.
Rebecca Wells

  • This genre popularly called ‘chick-lit’ is an excellent example of archetypal stories and characters that are selling out at bookstores.
  • These books are about women on both a personal and group journey.
  • The women in these stories symbolize characters that are unique to one’s own life but link us to a collective feminine unconscious.
  • Their popularity is based on resolving situations or problems that are universal to women. Examples might be – discovering and accepting who you are, facing your fears finding your courage with other women’s help.
  • The fact that they support one another as they complete their individual quests brings out the archetype of the sisterhood, women helping women, the Circle

Rose Tattoo


  • Sit comfortably. Light a candle, Get ready, Gaze in a Mirror. Visualize and say out loud who you are:
  • Your place in your journey- “I am …”Maiden, Mother. Matriarch, Wise-Woman, Elder?
  • Once you have found your place, let the other  Essences come in.  See which ones fit who you are.  Fill in the blanks and dream yourself.

I am Teacher
I am Nurse, Healer
I am Sexual Creator 
I am Visionary

I am Holy Woman
I am Home Maker
I am Healer
I am Chef
I am Artist, Dancer, Listener, Helper…

  • Whichever ones resonate, allow them to blend in your consciousness, see yourself as the Archetypal example of these aspects of the Divine Feminine.
  • Embrace and enjoy the moment. Celebrate and be proud of your gifts and who you are.


Sun Tattoo


Our March Newsletter is adapted from the following resources:

Image Resources

Archetype Symbols
Specific Goddesses and Who They Are in Different Cultures
Archetypes in Literature and Myths
Archetypes in Media and How Advertising Can Ruin Everything




The Way of the Medicine Wheel

Sunday April 11, 2010

1 pm - 4:30 pm


Connect With Other Wise Women

Join In Ceremony with Drums and Rattles!

  • What is a Medicine Wheel? What does “Good Medicine” mean?
  • We will explore this Native American concept and see how it fits into our lives and world view.
  • We will use ceremony and group energy to discover our “Place” on the Wheel and how that can help us.
  • The circle has been a natural way for women to gather since the beginning.
  • BRING: A drum or rattle if you can.  If not, we have extras.


Andrea Lord, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner
Rachel Lord, RN, CMT, Master Herbalist

Held At:

Isis Books and Gifts
2775 South Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113

To Sign Up:

Phone:  A Women’s Circle at 720-530-2834 or Isis  at 303-321-0867


Earth Air Water Fire  

Earth Air Water Fire  is a workshop that weaves through these four elements to examine what’s in balance and what is out of balance in our lives.  Where are the entanglements in our lives?  Is it money, taking care of our physical bodies or values that no longer hold truth?   Is there so much chatter and data flying about that there is no time to hear your own thoughts?  Do you know what you feel?  Or have these feelings/emotions been so numbed and stuffed that you can’t feel them anymore?  What has happened to intuition? We need a meaning and purpose in life to reach those ideals towards which we can aspire.  Is there passion, creativity and inspiration in your life? 

There is a place deep within each of us that seeks to understand and then to be understood; however, for this to have a reality in our lives we must first know ourselves.  In this full day workshop you will explore through cognitive, intuitive and experiential exercises to examine what is in balance and what is out of balance in your life. What about solutions and roadmaps, so you can move forward in your life? When one begins to see the “elements” and how they each weave into your life, you can then begin to create and live your own destiny.  Now that’s cool!

Sharon Hoery and Omi Preheim invite you to join us for this cutting edge workshop Earth Air Water Fire.  This workshop is a product of years of experience in education, business, psychology, astrology, numerology and metaphysical studies.

Earth Air Water Fire  
When: Saturday, May 8, 2010   
Time:  9:00am-4:30 pm  

   Where:  Old Hampden Holistic Center
              3501 S. Corona St # 1
              Englewood, CO 80113 
   Investment: $75

Contact: Sharon Hoery 


There will be Women’s Activities and Circles throughout the year.  Stay posted.
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