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Andrea Lord
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May 2010

Triple Goddess


Aa a natural extention of our Archtypal series we will now look into the idea of symbols. What are they? how are they used? What are some of the common ones and why are they so powerful? The first in the symbol Series is a general overview.


Religious symbols

What, Why, Where?

  • Pictures that represents a universal archetypal concept, idea, religion, belief
  • Part of the “collective unconscious”
  • Pop up in meditation, dreamtime, out-of-body experiences
  • Crosses cultures, religions
  • Timeless
  • Has power and energy
  • Used in magic and can be made powerful by the magician working with it
  • Can inspire or invoke fear
  • Some are readily understood; others bring subliminal messages that help you trigger ancient memories and recognitions.
  • Visually simple: simplified versions of the “real thing”
  • Examples: circle, cross, snake, spiral, rose, ankh, cross, star
  • Children naturally draw them in their art. They know and sense them.
  • Wildly popular in our culture: As evidenced by “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. He used Masonic symbols in his thriller. They  appear on and in major Washington D.C. buildings-the Capitol, the Washington Monument, etc.
  • Can be used to communicate-cross languages.  Example: Universal symbols, traffic signs



Stop Sign

  • On Flags-recognition of country
  • On Clothing: To say who you are, your beliefs, that you belong—angels, skulls, spiders, medicine wheels
  • Advertising and on Logos: to invoke recognition, connection, 
  • Architecture: Examples: Great Pyramid, government buildings in Wash, D.C.
  • Magic: To invoke power, spells
  • Communication: Braille, traffic signs, sign language



  • Sanskrit letters or symbol for the "sacred" Hindu sound om (ohm or aum) called "the mother of all mantras.
  • The four parts symbolize four stages of consciousness: Awake, sleeping, dreaming, and a trance or transcendental state. 




“The Dollar Bill and The All-Seeing Eye”


  • A Universal Symbol:  Masonic symbol. Represents spiritual sight, inner vision, higher knowledge, insight into occult mysteries.
  • On the Great Seal: The eye represents divine guidance.


Eye of Horus

The Eye of the Ancient  Egyptian God, Horus

  • Eye Symbology originated in Ancient Egypt and maybe before


peace symbols


Sometimes symbols can be complex or have multiple meanings
Some have represented different things at different times

  • The Pentagram: Often used to transmit occult power in ritual. To some it represents a star.


  • .The Fish: The sign of Pisces in astrology; in Christianity signifies following Jesus and his teachings.  (However, Jesus lived in the Piscean age.)

    Christian Fish

  • The Peace Symbol: A broken upside-down cross. Associated with global peace and earth-centered unity.  One of the most widely know symbols in the world.  Invented on request of Lord Bertrand Russell, head of the British “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).
peace symbol

  • Swastika: Ancient occult symbol found in Egypt, China and India. Has represented the sun, the four directions, movement and change (the appendages) and the union of opposites. (where the lines cross. ) The Chinese had a right handed (yang) version and a left-handed (yin) version.  Hitler used it as a symbol of white supremacy.

    Four Directions

A Counter-Clockwise Labyrinth, Mystical, Lunar, Female

circle axel


Davinci Man

The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo DaVinci

  • Leonardo: Based his drawing on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry
  • Picture named in honor of: Vitruvius, the ancient Roman architect  who described the human figure as being the principal source of proportion among the classical orders of architecture.
  • Represents sacred proportions:  Perfect balance, harmony, occurs in nature.
  • As above, so below.
  • Ancient symbol.  “Everything that exists outside of man is within man.”
  • The Mystery Schools of every nation taught that the elements and powers of the universe were epitomized within the human constitution.  (The Macrocosm within the Microcosm)  “The proper study of Mankind is Man.”

]Blair Witch symbol

The Blair Witch

  • The five lines resemble the microcosmic man with arms and legs outstretched inside a circle
  • A magic symbol or charm among medieval alchemists and wizards. 




  • Create a Symbol Collage: Cut out pictures from magazines, etc. Use those that speak to your spirit and soul
  • Go on a Walking Tour Downtown:  Look for symbols on buildings.
  • Go to the Mall: Check out symbols on tee shirts, jackets and other items.  Which ones do you like, don’t like?  How come?



Some of our References:

Image Resources




Circles, Spirals and Labyrinths

Sunday July 11, 2010

1 pm - 4:30 pm


Connect With Other Wise Women

Join In Ceremony with Drums and Rattles!

  • Circles, Spirals and Labyrinths are ancient symbols that we all connect to.
  • We will explore these sacred shapes and experience their power.
  • These simple shapes bring one in contact with the universe and with ourselves. Come see how.
  • The circle has been a natural way for women to gather since the beginning.
  • BRING: A drum or rattle if you can.  If not, we have extras.


Andrea Lord, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner
Rachel Lord, RN, CMT, Master Herbalist

Held At:
Old Hampden Holistic Center
3501 South Corona St., Suite 1
Englewood, CO 80113

(5 blocks east of Swedish Medical Center)

To Sign Up:

Phone:  A Women’s Circle at 720-530-2834


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