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Andrea Lord
President, Alpha Institute
Womenís Circle Facilitator
Reiki Practitioner

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Rachel Lord RN, CMT
Womenís Circle Facilitator
Master Herbalist


September 2009

  Use of Color in Everyday Life

Color is light: Let us be filled with light.

Evolved Violet
“ A Conscious Color”

Purple Sky

  • Violet is the seventh color of the spectrum, the 7th stripe of the rainbow and the seventh Chakra color. When considering violet and how it affects us, know that color influences emotions, relationships, our environment.
  • Violet is the shortest wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum, of visible light.  Then comes invisible-to-the-eye, ultra-violet. Therefore, purple is the hardest color for the eye to discriminate.
  • Since we can utilize color so easily, it truly becomes the NUMBER ONE KIND OF PRACTICAL MAGIC we can use in our everyday lives



  • Royalty:  Kings and queens wore violet.
  • Whiskey:  Crown Royal comes in a purple bag.
  • Violet Trigger Words:  Spirituality, meditation, consciousness, mysticism, purification,  imagination and inspiration.
  • Put Violet In Your life To: Enhance your imagination, re-balance, remove obstacles, calm over-activity or to energize from depression.
  • Red and Blue Make Purple: Violet is a combination of red and blue. Red is a focusing, dynamic and active energy while blue is cooling, calming and expansive. 
  • The Ideal Color: Being a combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors respectively, purple reaches a happy balance of the two.
  • Purple Expressions: Purple with rage, purple haze (drug-induced euphoria), purple heart (military award for bravery), a purple state (an equal amount of  Democrats and Republicans), the purple planet (Jupiter).
  • OSHA Coding in Purple:  Signals hazardous nuclear energy material.
  • Gay Pride: Purple is the color.
  • $5000 Poker Chip: This is the highest value made.  It’s purple!
purple poker chip




AmythestClear QuartzDiamond Sugilite

Amethyst Clear Quartz Diamond Sugilite

Stones and crystals carry energy, particularly the energy and frequency of their color.

  • These Stones Can be White, Clear or Violet:   All of these gem colors refer to the 7th Chakra, since violet leads to the “White Light” of consciousness.
  • Examples: Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine, Clear Quartz Crystal, Clear Tourmaline, Diamond, Golden Beryl, Howlite, Lavender Quartz, Lepidolite, Iolite, Moldavite, Violet Jasper, Quartz, Selenite, Sugilite, White Topaz
  • Use Purple or White or Clear Gemstones To:  Increase your imagination, re-dedicate your love of learning new things, remove perceived spiritual obstacles, calm down after a confrontation.
  • Amethyst:  Birthstone for February
7th Chakra

“Place of Universal Connection - All is One”
  • Location: The crown or the top of the head. Sanskrit: Sahasrara
  • From Purple to White:   The crown chakra can be associated with white as well as violet.  You will find it both ways.  White light is all the colors blended together. However violet is the 7th color of the rainbow before you get to white.
  • Spiritually: Crown chakra activities include meditation, consciousness, being on the spiritual path.
  • Physically:  The crown chakra refers to the brain and the pineal gland.  The pineal deals with cycles of night and day and houses the hormone melatonin.  If we have muddy thoughts, confusion, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, seizures, mental illness, brain tumors, it is the 7th  talking.
  • A Blocked Crown Chakra: Can lead to depression, alienation, confusion, inability to learn or comprehend, sleep problems, lack of balance or coordination, headaches, dizziness or disinterest with the spiritual journey
  • An Open Crown Chakra: Allows one to meditate, follow her spiritual path, become more conscious.



Violet in dreams could raise questions such as:

  • How can I become more fully aware of the watcher within?
  • How can I experience life more fully?
  • What is my highest intent for life, and are my actions aligned with that intent?
  • Is peace a state of mind? State of being? What are my beliefs about peace?
  • Do I have to earn contentment and tranquility?
  • What is my relationship with this present moment - this now?


Purple Heart Medal


  • Native American:  Wisdom, healing and gratitude.
  • Christianity: Associated with Advent and Lent.
  • Japan:  Wealth and power.
  • Tibet:  Purple is sacred to Buddha.
  • Egypt: Virtue and faith.
  • Thailand: Widows wear purple to mourn their husband’s death.
  • Ukraine:  In the tradition of egg-dying; purple eggs symbolize faith, patience and trust.  This carries over into Easter  with lilac and yellow.
  • United States: Purple Heart given for bravery in battle.


Violet Crystal


  • Ancient Rome: Emperors Julius and Augustus Caesar were referred to as "The Purple" and were the only ones allowed to wear purple imperial robes.   Later magistrates were also allowed to wear togas with purple ribbons. Any other use of purple was punishable by death.
  • Byzantine Empire: The Emperors signed edicts in violet ink.
  • Tudor England: During  the reign of King Henry VIII purple represented mourning and religious fervor as well as a symbol of royalty.




Russian Sage

  • Mauve and Lavender:  These are feminine aspects of violet.
  • Bluish Violet: Men are generally more attracted to darker, rich violets which lean  toward blue.
  • Dark Violet: Associated with sorrow.
  • Deep purple: High spiritual attainment
  • Pale Lilac:  Love for humanity
  • Bluish Purple:  Idealism. Sparks the imagination and inspiration integrates other energies for healing purposes



  • Wear Violet:  You may not need a lot.  Just enough to raise conscious awareness.  Accessorize with a scarf, belt , shoes or jewelry.
  • Grow Some Violets:  How quaint and sweet.  African violets look great on a kitchen windowsill over the sink.
  • Meditate: Use a purple candle or include one on your altar if you are working on 7th Chakra issues.
  • Essential Oils:  Rub some Frankincense or  Sandalwood essential oil on the crown of your head or third eye to help open these higher chakras.


Chakra Wheel


RESOURCES:  Some of this Newsletter was adapted from:






CIRCLING: Discover Your Animal Guide by Using Intuitive Powers

Sunday October 11, 2009

Connect With Other Wise Women

Join In Ceremony with Drums and Rattles!
Sunday October 11, 2009 $20 1-4:30 p.m.

  • Have you ever felt drawn to or frightened by an animal and not known why?
  • Animal qualities can help us understand ourselves and see our life’s lessons.
  • We will use ceremony and group energy to discover our guardian spirit.
  • The circle has been a natural way for women to gather since the beginning.
  • BRING: A drum or rattle if you can.  If not, we have extras. 
  • ALSO BRING: A pendulum or a weighted, symmetrical necklace, etc.

Andrea Lord, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner
Rachel Lord, RN, CMT, Master Herbalist
Held At:
Old Hampden Holistic Center, 3501 S. Corona St., #1, Englewood, CO 80113
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